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Welcome to RecoveryBra!

We've created a bra for you to wear after your shoulder surgery, that is easy to put on, wash and wear and help you through your physical therapy rehabilitation period. 

All sizes Small - 3XL available & ready to ship!​ New 3XL size Available to meet our Growing Demand!




The Bra for after Shoulder Surgery



Please review the sizing chart or email us for information before purchase. Due to the labor involved in our bras, we do not give refunds.  Made in the USA with care by a professional, not by assembly line or sweatshop in a developing country. 

What our customers are saying:

"They are absolutely brilliant, it is so nice to be able to wear a bra which caters so well for the limitations experienced after shoulder surgery, I was able to put it on without any help!
It also feels very comfortable. A very big thank you for the effort which was made to get these to me."

Barbara I.

"I had the other shoulder done about 7 yrs ago and this bra should make dressing much easier this time.
Kindest regards."
Patricia L.

"Just received my Recoverybra and am ordering another. It was of a higher quality than I had expected -- as if I had bought a very nice bra at a department store, yet with all the design features needed for shoulder surgery. It is satiny and soft and substantial. That mattered to me, as I’m about to go into surgery and “soft and satiny” was surprisingly soothing (I had been looking for anything that I could really get on with the sling and the pain and that would keep things contained and have me at least feeling dressed; I got so much more)."  Deborah H.

 "Thank you--you are great to do business with. I love that you saw a need for a bra for this situation and did something about it." Barbara S.

"I think it's amazing you make these -- for shoulder surgery is a big deal." Thanks, Faye D.

“I really admire your design, though, and the fabric is so nice and soft. Someone put a lot of thought into this! I am grateful to you for making available to me, and to other surgery patients, such an essential, piece of clothing, one that allows us to dress ourselves with ease and dignity." Louise K.